Feeding Groups

Feeding groups are designed to address a core set of basic oral motor feeding skills and the various sensory steps to eating in a small group setting.


The feeding therapists will incorporate various sensory and oral motor activities into the session through a series of transitions from one activity to the next. The group setting and predictable routine gives the added benefit of learning through peer interaction.

What to Expect

Your child should have fun! By creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere and interacting with children of similar ages, we hope to reduce anxieties your child may have with trying new or undesired foods thus increasing opportunities for food exploration and working toward expanding his/her diet! Some children may have appropriate oral motor skills needed for efficient feeding and some may need additional help. Basic chewing and oral preparation for safe and efficient swallowing will be targeted in each session.

Parent/Caregiver Roles

Your participation is very important in your child’s progress. Parents will be encouraged to share their stories with each other during their child’s feeding session and will be provided with weekly material to discuss. Each week you will be given a “homework sheet” including a few weekly goals or activities based on your child’s level of involvement. For example, some children may experience such anxiety with eating that his goal may be as simple as allowing a food on his plate or table. Another child may be swallowing foods whole and need to develop appropriate chewing patterns.